Climate 101

Celebrate the Earth with 10 simple ways you can help combat global climate change. First, we will dive into the basics of how Earth's climate works and then we'll learn about simple actions you can take in your home and community to live a more sustainable and climate-friendly lifestyle. This FREE virtual program is suitable […]

Recycled Art

Celebrate the Earth with a cool recycled art project! Start collecting old t-shirts and/or plastic shopping bags and learn how to turn them into cool weavings! We'll even supply some of the materials! This FREE virtual program is suitable for children ages 5 and up, teens and adults. Register at GMOORE@LINDENPL.ORG

What’s in Bloom

May is for flowers! Discover hidden beauties beyond what is planted by humans. Take a closer look at the "little pink" flowers growing in your yard and the "pretty yellow" flowers blooming in the woods. There are so many spring ephemerals to enjoy...If you know where to look! This FREE virtual program is suitable for […]

Awesome Animals

Have a virtual visit with a couple of our favorite teachers, "Captain Jack" and "Ginger." Learn all about CJ the box turtle and Ginger the corn snake. If the weather cooperates, we may even be able to visit our pond to hear and see some frogs. This free virtual program is suitable for children ages […]

“In Your Dreams” Virtual Book Reading

Join us on May 25, 2021 at 2 p.m. for a virtual book reading of “In Your Dreams” by Louisa Jerry. Please Register with Miss Ginger to get the zoom link e-mail her at Dreaming is a fascinating part of people's lives, regardless of age. Follow two sisters, Charlotte and Ella, as they share and […]

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